Share internet through WiFi or Lan

Now you can share your internet connection with WiFi or LAN. If you have Laptop(with wireless device) or external WiFi device then you can easily share internet connection to many PC within the WiFi range. You don't have to pay extra cost for this connection.

There are some softwares like Virtual Access Point, Connectify which can help you to share your internet connection. Here I am telling you how you can use those software.

For Windows XP users

You can use any one software (Virtual Access Point or Connectify). But for Connectify software you have to install Microsoft Dot Net Framework 3.5. So if you don't have dot net framework 3.5 you may use Virtual Access Point software.

Virtual Access Point Software : Download

  • After installing the software run it and turn on wifi.
  • Click on Share My Internet.
  • Select the internet connection that you want to share, from Select button (of LAN / Wireless that you are using).

  • Suppose you are using Aircel internet connection and want to share it. After doing the above steps, open properties of Aircel Internet. Click on Sharing button and "Allow other network user to connect through ........ connection". Click OK to save settings.(Show the last image of this post)
  • Now click on Start Sharing button to share your internet with others.
Note: It set a default password for internet users. You can change this password.

For Windows 7 users

Windows 7 user don't need to install Dot Net framework 3.5. Because it is already inbuild. So you can use Connectify software. To get this software click on : Download
  1. First install the software and run it.
  2. Turn On WiFi.
  3. Give your Hotspot Name and enter Password.
  4. Select which internet connection that you want to share from Internet.
  5. From Advance settings select connection type WiFi / LAN.
  6. And at last select Security Mode as Ad-Hoc,WEP.
Now open Properties of your internet connection. Click on Sharing button and select "Allow other network user to connect through this computer's Internet connection".
Now click Start Hotspot button to share your internet.

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  1. Subhamay Ghosh28 October 2012 19:06

    How can i use virtual access point in xp sp-3? Please help me by giving the steps with picture///


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