Install Windows XP over Windows 7 easily

Do you want to install windows xp over windows 7? First conferm that your computer support Windows xp. If it doesn't support then you can never install windows xp operating system in your computer.
If your computer support windows xp then you can install it. But the problem is that when you install windows xp over windows 7 it show you notification that you cann't install older version operating system or anything. Sometimes it may be happened that your Windows XP installation has starting but in Master Boot Register(MBR) it doesn't show your computer hard disk partissions. So you doesn't select the partission to install it and so your installasion failed.

In this situatuion I suggest you to change SATA mode off (Disable) from BIOS set up and then try to install Windows XP.
  • First open computer and press F10 for BIOS set up and go to System configuration -> Device Configuration.
  • Change SATA Native Mode to Disable (off) and press F10 for save.
  • Now insert your installation CD and restart and follow the instructions in blue screen to install Windows XP.
This is the easiest way to install Windows XP over Windows 7.

In my case how I install Windows XP over Windows 7

I am using HP530 Notebook and my laptop support Windows XP. My CD/DVD drive stop working and at that time my operating system was Windows 7. Some how I want to install Windows XP. So I collect Windows XP .iso image file and use pen drive and make it boot able by Novicorp Win To Flash software. (See how to make a boot able pen drive).

I restart my laptop and from BIOS set up I chenge SATA Native Mode to Disable and save it and exit.(See from above tricks)

Then I insert my boot able pen drive and restart the laptop. And press F9. Select USB Hard Disk (instead Optical Disk Drive because I use USB flash drive/Pen drive ) from boot device.

Then select 1st, text mode setup. After finishing it will automatically restart and then select 2nd, GUI mode setup.

But in my case when I select 2nd, GUI mode setup, it shows me <Windows>system32/hel.dll missing. So I choose other options. I click on Debug boot rDisk 1 partition 2 and it startispng installation. And I able to install Windows XP over Windows 7.

But I got another problem. When I restart my laptop it tells me there is no operating system and if I don't format total computer, my hard disk may be cropped. But when I insert my boot able pen drive and Power on of my laptop and choose Debug boot rDisk 1 partition 2 it is opening with Windows XP. I can run the all programs even when I eject my boot able pen drive. But every time I need to insert it when I am opening laptop.

So I had decided to format my laptop with rearrange all the partition of my hard disk. At this time after complete 1st, text mode setup I select 2nd, GUI mode setup and this time it does not shows me hel.dll error.

After complete the installation now I have no problem. Now I am using Windows XP.


  1. Subhamay Ghosh21 July 2012 09:20

    How can i format my laptop(HP 530)into windows xp sp-3 by using pendrive.Please send me the procedure at [email protected] as soon as possible.

    1. 001 EASY TRICKS21 July 2012 12:41

      First you have to make a boot able pen drive. You can use Novicorp Win To Flash software for this. Visit my another post Make a boot able pen drive

      If your current OS is windows xp then you will have no problem to install windows xp sp3. But if your current OS is Windows 7 then after making boot able pen drive you should have follow the above tricks.


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