Send free SMS on mobile through Bluetooth

Have you ever tried to send SMS to your friend via Bluetooth? If NO, here is very interesting solution for you to send free SMS on mobile phone via Bluetooth and you don't even need any software for that.

For this, both you and your friend need mobile phone with Bluetooth device. Keep the mobile phones into Bluetooth range.
  • First go to Menu and open Organiser.
  • Here select Notes, go to Options and Make a note.
  • Write on the note and save it and send it via Bluetooth.
If someone had sent you a message and now you want to forward the message to other friend via Bluetooth, then copy the text message and paste it into note and follow the steps above.


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  2. Bluetooth is a lot of fun ! But what if the recipient is not near you, or even on another country ? In that case I would use for free sms. Let me know what you think

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