Make a bootable Pen drive & boot Computer

Boot-able Pen drive
Hello friends, today I shall tell you how to make a bootable USB flash drive. It is very essential to know to make a bootable USB flash drive (Pen drive, External hard disk etc.). Because sometimes it may be your DVD/CD RW drive does not work, or you are using mini laptop and you have no DVD/CD RW drive. In this situation if you want to change or reinstall your operating system, you should to know how to make a bootable USB flash drive. For this you require image file of an operating system, an USB flash drive and 'Power ISO' or 'Novicorp Win To Flash' software.

Using Power ISO Software
  1. First install Power ISO software.
  2. Keep the image file of an operating system into your hard disk or anywhere.
  3. Connect an USB flash drive (Pen Drive).
  4. Open Power ISO and go to tools and click on Create Bootable USB Drive.
  5. Select the Image file as Source Image File. Set your USB flash drive (pen drive) as Destination USB Drive and click on Start button. It will take a few minutes.
Power ISO software : Download
    Using Novicorp Win To Flash

    You required installation CD/DVD or .iso image file of operating system, a flash drive (pen drive), Novicorp Win To Flash software.

    If you use installation CD/DVD :
    • Open 'Novicorp Win To Flash' folder and click on Win To Flash application software.
    • Now click on Task and select Task type.
        • Transfer Windows  XP/2003 setup to USB drive
        • Transfer Windows Vista/2008/7 setup to USB drive
    • Select File system to FAT16 LAB. (Note: This will make your pen drive memory half. You could recover it again.)
    • Click on Run. Select Windows files source path (CD/DVD source path where installation CD/DVD insert) and USB drive (Pen drive or other USB flash drive path). Now click on Run.
    If you use .iso Image file
    • You would have to install Power ISO or Daemon tools to make a virtual CD drive.
    • After install the software, mount the .iso image file.
    • Now follow the above steps (using installation CD/DVD) and at last step select Windows file source path as virtual CD drive.

    Novicorp Win To Flash software : Download

    Now you can use your USB flash drive as like as an optical hard disk drive (CD/DVD).

    If you use USB flash drive instead of optical hard disk drive (CD/DVD) you need to change Boot Option from BIOS Setup Utility. From Boot Order option set USB Hard Disk as your 1st choice.
    1st Choice USB Hard Disk
    Video tutorial : Make a bootable USB flash drive using Power ISO


    1. Pen USB Drives6 March 2012 11:46

      this is the great feature of Pen drive.....

    2. i did the same procedure but it didnt work. what shall i do???

      1. 001 EASY TRICKS26 July 2012 19:17

        I don't know which procedure did you apply. If you want to make boot able pen drive of Windows XP then you should have to use Novicorp Win To Flash software. For windows 7 you may use this software but it takes enough time. So you can use Power ISO software for windows 7.

      2. use other computer and these steps:
        copy all the filkes from the cd to pendrive in other pc...
        use cmd

        enter the cmd "diskpart"
        select partision 1
        set the partion as active

        use bios to usb first boot

    • hey,ur solution is totally not work & evn it made my 4 Gb pendrive into 2 gb now tell me how sholid i made my pendrive it again like befores....& itried it to format too but still showing only 2 gb memory...:O:/

      1. 001 EASY TRICKS14 August 2012 12:37

        If your .ISO image file or CD/DVD is crash then your boot able pen drive does not work.

        To get your pendrive memory return connect your pendrive with computer (computer must have windows 7 OS). Now go to start menu. Into search toolbar type Disk Management. Now open Disk Management and here you will see your pendrive memory status. You will see it has 2 partition Blue partition is useable memory space and Black portion is unallocated space. Select Blue portion and delete it. Now select the total Black space, right click and create a new volume. That's all. You will get your pendrive again like before.

    • Data Recovery Services9 October 2012 12:27

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    • Aniruddha-The Deadman8 November 2012 22:54

      hey how to regain the USB space ?????? i used 8gb pendrive & it becomes 2gb now...what to do ???? plzzzz hlppppp

      1. 001 EASY TRICKS10 November 2012 13:11

        Read the Replies (14 aug) of mridu's comment.


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