Open Sites Blocked by College Server

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you how a blocked site can open. Some college or other server block some sites ( like facebook, youtube etc.) or some type of files ( .mp3, .iso, torrent etc. ) cannot download.

You can open this sites using proxy server like, etc. But one or two days you can open the sites and next day you will see the proxy server is blocked. This is not good tricks. The other tricks is make secure authentication that means if youtube or facebook is block then type in url bar or (Note: type https:// , not http://). This tricks is batter than previous but it is also not a good tricks. because using this tricks you cannot play the blocked sites video.

You may use "Tor browser" to open any blocked sites. But it decrease your surfing and downloading speed.

Tor Browser software : Download

The best way is change your ip address and use fake ip address. You think how can you change your ip address? Don't worry. Just download a software which can hide your present ip address and use fake ip. You can use Platinum Hide IP software for this purpose. Install this software then hide your ip address. Now you can open any sites and also download. 
IP address hiding software(Platinum Hide IP) : Download

Video tutorial : Hide IP address by software


  1. Good tricks. I try it in my college. It is really working.

    1. It is working any WiFi internet connection. I use mobile as a modem and here it is also working. But when I use Micromax, vodafone, MTS or other modem then it does not work.

  • لاعبه الجمباز14 October 2012 04:33

    Hi everyone
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  • why i can't download ip address hiding software?

  • Use "Hotspot Shield" VPN software to Access Youtube from Work with complete privacy. You can use it conveniently because it is a free vpn, although it is reliable, fast and allows you to go beyond school or office filters and firewalls.


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