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IDM full version registration hacked

Internet Download Manager full version is now hacked. And after updating it will not showing that you have registered IDM using fake serial key. So follow the tricks and enjoy IDM full version.

Windows 8 activator download for all versions

Are you looking for Windows 8 activator for full version? If you are using windows 8 latest version and have not activate it, then download the windows 8 activator below and follow the steps. This activator works in all version of windows 8 include Windows 8,Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows 8 Pro.

Nokia phone secret service codes

Nokia is world’s one of the largest cell phone manufacturer company. They have made millions of Symbian Smartphone and feature phone. Let's take Symbian phone as an example. Symbian operating system (OS) has a few version like S60V5, S60V3, S60V2 and Symbian 3 etc.. The former two come with a keyboard while the latter are touch phones. Because of that, Nokia phone secret service codes vary depending on your mobile phone model. Below I have given some common codes, which may apply almost all model.

Get back your forgotten cell phone SIM number

Have you forgot your mobile phone SIM card number?Dial the following numbers to know your mobile phone SIM number.

Password hack by USB Flash Drive

Hello friends, today I shall tell you how to hack MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, AOL, Digsby, MySpace IM, GAIM etc. password of your friends from their computer using USB flash drive.

Change default path for installing programs

More people are using different drive to install software when their default derive (i.e C:\) free space size is very small.

Share internet through WiFi or Lan

Now you can share your internet connection with WiFi or LAN. If you have Laptop(with wireless device) or external WiFi device then you can easily share internet connection to many PC within the WiFi range. You don't have to pay extra cost for this connection.