Increase your internet speed up to 20%

Most of the internet user don't know that Microsoft reserved 20% of your available bandwidth. They reserve this for their own purpose like Windows update and interrogating your PC etc. Today I will tell you how to increase your internet speed up to 20%.

Step 1: Click START menu then RUN and type "gpedit.msc". Don't use quotes ( " " ). This opens the Local Group Policy Editor.

Step 2: Then go to Local computer policy and open Computer Configuration folder.

Step 3: In Computer Configuration open Administrative Templates and then open Network.

Step 4: Open QoS Packet Scheduler and double click on Limited reservable bandwidth.

It will say that it is Not Configured, but you will see under Explain tab i.e. By default it reserve 20% of your bandwidth.
You click on Enabled reservable bandwidth then set it to ZERO. This is how you will increase your Internet speed up to 20%.

See the Video tutorial below:


  1. I use dial up modem. Now I think my internet speed is faster than previous. thanks for this tricks.

  2. jackmaster13 July 2012 16:42

    Currently I am using 2MB broad band unlimited and by following this steps 25% speed of my internet will be increased am check out my speed at Thanks for your information and this Video really help for me ...

  3. James Maxwell31 July 2012 16:27

    These are the useful tips to speed up. These tips will work fine. We can speed up internet connection by using other tips also.

  4. abhijeet chouhan19 August 2012 21:45

    gpedit.msc not open in pc plz. help

    1. 001 EASY TRICKS20 August 2012 09:12

      gpedit.msc works on Windows OS(like xp/7 etc.). If you use Windows xp then go to Start -> Run and type gpedit.msc If you use Windows 7 then go to Start and type gpedit.msc into search tool bar. It will show you a icon named gpedit and click on that icon.

    2. abhijeet chouhan20 August 2012 14:31

      windows cannot find. this massege sho plz. help

    3. 001 EASY TRICKS22 August 2012 07:36

      If you are using Windows XP or Vista Home Edition then you can't find gpedit.msc(Group Policy) because it does not support it. Use Professional Edition.

    4. abhijeet chouhan1 September 2012 23:11

      sir. i am using windows 7 starter. eee pc laptop

    5. 001 EASY TRICKS2 September 2012 14:15

      Only Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise have gpedit.msc. I am sharing a link below. Download it, unzip and then install it.
      For 32 bit system :
      For 64 bit system, after installing the above installer download the file below and extract gpedit.msc file to C:\Windows\System32 folder manually.
      File link :
      I hope it will work. (Try this at your own risk)


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